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Jackson-Madison County Hospital to build new tower

Rural King

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This is the first I have read or heard about Jackson Madison County Hospital building a new patient tower. The current hospital tower and complex in quite impressive, with a good size tower as its main facility. This new tower due to government construction regulations (New Madrid fault=higher costs) and higher steel prices is going to cost 30% more than originally planned. I have no idea how many floors or how tall this new tower will be, but if its as tall or taller than the current tower it will make a quite impressive set of buildings.

When I find out the height and number of floors I will be sure to post them.

Link to article in the Jackson Sun regarding tower and costs:


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that hospital is due for a new tower. i've never really been impressed with it. my dad is from jackson and heads up the healthcare division at gresham smith and partners and said that the current hospital was just thrown together without any proper planning. hopefully whoever builds it will take some time and do it right.

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More news on the construction of the 117 million dollar 9-story patient tower at Jackson-Madison County Hospital. Some pics of the construction on the sidebar of the story, one with the top of the main tower in the distance. Story covers alot of what hospital officials hope the new tower will offer to patients, including the fact that the new tower being will consist soley of private rooms.

Jackson Sun Story here:


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I really do like the city of Jackson. IMO it'll be Memphis' refuge city (like Baton Rouge was to New Orleans) if or when an earthquake hits so extra hospital rooms are always a good idea. Unfortunately, there will be no forewarning when the earthquake hits so Jackson should always be prepared even though it might get some damage itself.

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