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Jackson makes Forbes book list of best places to work/live -"Life 2.0"

Rural King

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Jackson is listed in the book "Life 2.0" -written by Rich Karlgaard and published by Forbes- that lists the best places to to live and work for folks looking for up and coming, smaller, and less expensive cities in which to reside. The book does not ranks cities, rather places them into categories. It places Jackson in the "Steriod City" group since it has one of the fastest metro growth rates in the country.

Keep up the good work Jackson!! :yahoo:

Not that being listed in a book means a whole lot, but hey it does mean its getting noticed for postive developments, which is never a bad thing.

Link to Jackson Sun article that mentions the listing:


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Wonder what Jackson's secret is.

I guess it's just big enough, and just centrally located enough, in West Tennessee to really be the center of the area. Plus, I think it has a well-developed road system connecting it to the rest of the region.

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