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Jax Development Map

Captain Obvious

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Neo has been working with mapbuilder.net to add "development" maps to Urban Planet. It uses the google maps technology, but lets you add your own color-coded tags with descriptions. Just look on the main page of UP; the "development maps" are one tab above the forums.

So, I decided to throw together a map for Jacksonville.



I wasn't too strict with the way I labeled things (the line between "proposed" and "owners with plans" is always blurry to begin with) and I only included the most basic project descriptions in the pop-up tags.

Feedback would be most appreciated. If you can think of corrections or additions, reply and let me know. If you desperately want a more detailed/complete/accurate written description of the project, perhaps you can just include it in your reply, exactly how you want it, and then I'll be able to just copy/paste it directly into the map.

Apparently any edits I make on mapbuilder won't show up on Urban Planet until the Friday after the edits are made.

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