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8 - 10 months for killing a person and driving away


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It really saddens me that this woman could

drive with a revoked license

hit a person

get out of her car

remove the bike from her hood

and drive off leaving this poor victim for dead

And somehow this person is given a plea deal where she will only spend 8 - 10 months in prison. Its ridiculous and what type of message does it send to the greater community about the value of life (what kind of depraved individual drives away) and respecting the law (she shouldn't have been driving in the first place).

And they talk about the children??!!

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I'm not sure what this has to do with Charlotte since the incident you are referring to took place in Florida, but the woman in question, was charged for leaving the scene. She was not held at fault for killing the man as he was completely drunk (0.47 blood level) and staggered into the traffic and got himself killed. Witnesses verifyed this. The woman's crime was panicing and leaving the scene of the accident which is against the law. She will do jail time for this.

You should be sad for a man that abandons his family in New Jersey and goes to Florida to get so drunk that he can act responsibly in public. Bad for the public and his family.

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This likewise didn't happen in Charlotte but I heard as story where a woman hit a man with her car and parked the car in her garage with him on it. He died in her garage. They said as she parked the car in the garage she apologized to the man before going into the house and leaving him to die. Does this sound like an urban legend or did this really happen? For some reason I think it was DC that it happened in.

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yes, turbocraig, I was refering to the incident in Cabbarus county that has been in the Charlotte paper and commented on by various radio personalities. I figured that this Charlotte thread was the best place to talk about it. The confusion about whether an incident like this occurred in the Charlotte area is interesting as, imo, this is a case that warrants a certain amount of public attention given the total disregard for life shown by the driver.

While the family of the victim have been very gracious, I personally would have been livid at the outcome of this case.

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