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Independence Mall Finally to be Completed!

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Come next spring, there'll be a new view in town for residents and tourists to take in.

It will be "one spectacular vista from the Constitution Center to Independence Hall," said Rebecca Rimel, head of the Pew Charitable Trusts, a major funder of the Independence Mall restoration.

Landscapers will plant grass and install paths, benches and lighting where the gravel pit is now, Rimel said. The pavilion, home to the Liberty Bell from the 1976 Bicentennial until October 2003, will be demolished.

The President' House will be rebuilt on the Mall, although where is unclear. The house will commemorate presidents George Washington, John Adams and their slaves, including Oney Judge, who escaped in Philadel-phia.

For those seeking a place in which to express their right to free speech, officials announced the creation of a First Amendment Rights Area near 5th and Market.


New $100 million National Jewish Museum at 5th & Market ----------------------------------------------

"The corner of Fifth and Market is the best possible site that anybody could have in Philadelphia for a cultural institution: It is right on Independence Mall across from the Liberty Bell," Goodman said.

The museum intends to raise $120 million for the new building: $100 million for construction, and $20 million for its endowment, she said. Already, more than $70 million has been raised for a new museum on the old site, she said. Major contributors include Sidney Kimmel, Ed Snider, and the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation.


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