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Nothin like a good lake-effect snowfall for our first of the season (all from this morning):




These leaves and berries must not have gotten the memo:










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We had our first snow day here at NMU. 16 inches fell just outside of the city (where a good amount of professors and students live). Today, temps are in the low teens with wind ~15mph and the windchill below zero.

I'll be in GR over thanksgiving break. I'll be sure to bring my towel and bathingsuit :D

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Thanks John :P That's about the best I can do with a Kodak Easyshare and about five minutes to take the shot before the parking guys get me.

Speaking of Amway Grand, I wonder what happened to mpchicago? He was asking here whether a decorative rail at the top of the new addition would look better, and voila!

BTW: Feel free to add your own if you took some :)

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looks like there is more snow there than here in kzoo

it has been snowing for about 24 hours but not much accumulated because the ground wasent frozen, which is nice because it looks really pretty falling on the ground but the roads are clear, just wet

nice pics by the way

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