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Ottaray Hotel


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Thanks gsupstate, I must have missed that this morning. :shades:

I remember the Ottaray well. It was one of the most striking buildings in Greenville. An unusual design for it's time--as I recall, wasn't it sited diagonally on it's lot?--the big porch was magnificent. I remember it in red brick--painted white it would have been spectacular. A huge sign on it's roof. The Woodside Building and the Ottaray were probably the handsomest buildings ever built on Main St. --both sadly lost now. They were demolished about 30 years before preservation became popular.

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Thanks for the map and photo NYT!

I heard that when the Hyatt was built on the spot, they placed the plaza and fountain in the same area as the old porch on the Ottaray, as a nod to the Ottaray, and as a way to continue the people watching / gatherings / etc that used to happen on the porch.

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