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The designs are up for this project. This is going to change the face of East Lansing sooner than the East Village project. A 10 story building is going up on the corner of Grand River and Albert, which is probably the busiest intersection of EL and main location of EL's bars, clubs, and restarants. The main entrance to MSU's north campus is across the street. This project is spectacular. This area has so much potential to be the main part of EL. Along with the 10 story building another 4 story apartment complex will be on abbot and another 4 story housing will be on G.river. Many townhouse projects will be behind these buildings. Bottom line is this will be a great new, lively, and dense area of EL. Lansing and East Lansing are developing nicely.

the metrolansing forum is great in finding out current information on the various projects in the area.


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