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Twins unveil design for new stadium


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DT Minneapolis, behind the Target Center (Timberwolves).


DT St. Paul, next to Xcel Energy Center (Wild)


Roof open, from right field.


Roof closed, same view


Street view


View from the concourse.



I say....BUILD IT ALREADY!!! It's been over a decade for both the Twins and Vikings. just do it already. the Governor is behind both proposels, so we'll see.

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I thought so too....maybe they are doing better now....

I find it interesting how all the bad teams get new stadiums....the Tigers & the Lions both got new stadiums...they didn't make either team any better, that's for sure!

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Twins will not be getting the axe any time soon. MLB said that they would think about contraction again in 2006. However, being the Twins will be getting a new stadium, the team won't be going anywhere. Bud Selig was a genius for bringing up all the contraction b.s. because people here realized that we can't let the Twins go. Also, the Twins have one been in the World Series playoffs the past two years so they are obviously doing something right.

The Twins will definitely get a stadium before the Vikes. Hell, the Gophers will end up getting help before the Vikes.

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The proposed site is located 1 block northwest of the Target Center between 5th Street North and 7th Street North. The photo to the left shows the Minneapolis ballpark area in red.


The proposed site takes advantage of existing and planned transportation infrastructure.



The Minneapolis skyline and the Target Center are a backdrop for this urban ballpark


This view illustrates the proximity of the ballpark to the warehouse (entertainment) district. The Mississippi River is in the background.


New Ballpark Facts:

Over 42,000 seats and 60 suites

Retractable roof

More intimate setting than the metrodome

Utilization of existing infrastructure (rail, freeways, parking). 7100 Parking spaces ($175 million savings)

Convenient access to and from major freeways (including I35W, I394, I94, and Hwy 55), and downtown street grid

Only steps from the entertainment district (theater district, bars and restaurants, Block E and Target Center)

On the Hiawatha LRT

Skyway access to Minneapolis hotels, retail, offices and additional parking

Transit hub for Greater Minnesota and suburbs

Postitive Neighborhood Impact

Simple land assembly. Private land is surrounded by publicly owned land. Total of 17 acres, including air rights, of which approximately only 8 acres would need fee title to be acquired. Leverages existing state, county and federally owned land.

Ballpark plaza provides connection/bridge to Target Center.

Ballpark could also be utilized for outdoor summer concerts, providing multiple usage of facility

Minimal disruption during construction.

Direct access to inexpensive energy source (HERC) for lighting and heating of ballpark.

Potential for future adjacent mixed-use development "Twinsville"

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