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Shreveport/Bossier City Development

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 I don't spend much time in Shreveport.  What is the basis of the Shreveport economy?   

If Lake Charles is primarily based on petrochemical industry, Lafayette is driven by finance and oilfield services, New Orleans stays alive with tourism and shipping, Baton Rouge hosts a lot of jobs in higher education, state government, and the petrochemical industry......what would a Shreveport native say has historically driven the Shreveport economy other than the air force base?   Would it be agricultural or forestry products?  

Just trying to learn a bit about a part of Louisiana that I'm not very familiar with.    Things seem to be holding steady in Shreveport despite the decline in oil/gas prices.   I know people take a lot of pride in the area.  I was just curious about how someone familiar with the city would categorize the regional economy historically and what the city is moving towards in the future in a little more depth and substance than the fluffy "Hollywood South" stuff.    How does the are define its economic goals and how are they building a strategy to meet those goals?  

I was thinking recently that it's reasonable costs of living and location along I-20 between Atlanta, Memphis, and Dallas would make it an ideal manufacturing center for one of the major automobile companies.  I know that oil and gas prices will also rise again at some point, which will bolster the Shreveport economy in a significant way. 

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Good question. I would have to say is a conglomeration of military, hospitality, and medical. However, there's a growing cyber industry that's also being nurtured. Oil/gas kinda waxes and wanes...

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