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Rochester and Duluth


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This is recently completed Broadway Plaza in Rochester. The tallest in the city at 29 story's and 342 feet.



And, Duluth is building a hotel/condo mix.

The new, 11-story building at 311 East Superior Street will house a 147-room Sheraton Hotel on its first six floors and 33 loft-style condominiums above, including five 11th floor penthouse suites featuring dramatic view of the lake. The project will also incorporate the elegant ballrooms of the venerable Greysolon Plaza, a 1925-era former grand hotel across the street from the building site, which Sherman Associates is in negotiations to acquire.


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The Rochester tower actually really isn't that bad at all and fits into the skyline really well. That's a poor angle and not a great photo. I have some photos of it while it was being built while I lived in Rochester. I'll try to find them.

The target market isn't necessarily locals, but well-heeled visitors to the Mayo Clinic, especially those from the Middle East. It was bankrolled by a Saudi concern, I believe, and with rents that were projected to start at $2,500/mo, there weren't many locals who would be looking at it...

- Garris

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