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Union City, Tennessee - Residential

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I remember the road to Union City more than I really remember Union City. 1971 was a long time ago, but really the only thing about it I remember is that there was a "town" between Martin and Union City ... well, not really a town, but it had a name.

And I believe the first picture in this series was where my friend Catfish lived. His dad was a surgeon and the house wasn't white, but it sure looked just like this one with the rounded front. RK, is that house really close to downtown? Like I said, it was long ago, and I was only that house a few times.

I love the old houses there. If I go to Reelfoot this winter for another Am. Eagle trip, I'll make sure to hit the town a bit more.

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^ The community on the old Union City-Martin Highway you remember is Midway. Its still there, of course TN 22, the future Interstate 69 spur for Martin, replaced it awhile ago.

All those houses in this thread are within probably a 10 block radius of downtown, that specific house is very close to downtown near where all the churchs are along Church Street if my memory serves me right. This neighborhood sits northeast of town, and encompasses the streets of East Main, Exchange, and East Church, and stretchs on out towards the where Miles Avenue and the old highway to Fulton (TN 184 now) intersect. Which for reference is down by the old EW James Supermarket/corporate headquarters, the housing projects, the Dairy Queen, etc.

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Union City historically served as a major distribution point for local commodities and as a regional commerical center. So agriculture and commerce were the towns starting foundations, followed by cottage industries and later by manufacturing.

Cotton, corn, wheat, and soybeans are all staple crops of Obion County. I think Obion County is the largest soybean and corm producer in the state. I'll have to check that fact though.

Thanks for the reponses everybody!


Have confirmed Obion County is the state's largest corn producer (at least as of 2003) and if Obion County was a state it would rank 32nd in corn production.

Source: http://www.agriculture.utk.edu/news/VideoR...09ObionCorn.htm

Nice video to watch on that link about corn production in Obion County along with some nice scenic images of corn fields.

I found data that Obion County ranked 2nd in soybeans in 2002, first was Dyer County which is immediately south of Obion. So it has one time or another probably been 1st recently.

Source: http://www.comptroller.state.tn.us/orea/re...see%202004'

Interesting article on Ethanol and Bio-diesel from the Comptroller's office.

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