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Terminal Tower (Cleveland)

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This tower in my opinion is one of the most beautiful buildings in America.

Facts about the tower:Location: 50 Public Square, Cleveland

52 floors

Dedicated in 1930

Function is office, hotel and retail

Second tallest building in the world when completed in 1930.

The building is 708 feet tall.

There is a 63 foot flagpole at the top taking it to 771 feet.

The steel-reinforced concrete supports for the Terminal Tower reach bedrock approximately 250 feet below the down.

Sixteen caissons support the building.

More than 1000 buildings were taken down to build the Tower Complex

Several streets were eliminated and others were built during the development of the complex.

2.5 million cubic yards of material was removed from the tower site.

Taken 8/22/27




Around July 4th


With the modern skyline


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Terminal Tower has always been one of my favorite buildings in Cleveland. I had no idea that it was the world's second tallest when it was completed! I especially like the old pics. Thanks!

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I really like this building. It's too bad there isn't another building of similar magnitude (older, great architecture, tall) nearby to balance it. Still it a standout by itself.

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