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Tallahassee On The Big Screen

Relient J

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This may be old news to y'all, but tonight when my wife and I went to the movies here in Murfreesboro, Tennessee to see Walk The Line, we wound up being in for an unexpeced treat: They showed the Coca-Cola Refreshing Filmmaker's Award winner's short film, and it was made by an FSU Film student. It even features the Movies 8 movie theater prominently! I was way excited as I've seen many a film at Movies 8 over the years. If you'd like to see the flim, you can see it here:

http://www.ccrfa.com/ccrfa/. Click on the "2005 Winner" link to get to the movie.


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I've seen this short film... I believe I was at the IMAX, there to see the new Chocolate Factory movie... at first I didn't recognize the Movies 8. my girlfriend had to point it out to me.

They showed it during the FSU game a couple of weeks ago in the Stadium. It looked good on that big of a screen

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If I recall correctly, when I was a freshman, a publication came out ranking FSU's film school best in the nation, 1st place, NYU was 2nd.

Just based on history (the length of time they have existed, the grads they have put out, etc), location (ie where the entertaiment business is), and $$$$ (donations to the school, endowments), I don't think FSU truly ranks above USC or NYU. But to rank anywhere from 3-5 is very huge.....ESPECIALLY when you consider how new the program is and how little money they have.

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