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Nashville Development map now up and running


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Just wanted to let everyone know the Nashville Urban Development Mao is now up and running. Please take a look and advise me of mistakes, updates, new projects, etc. I will update and fine tune it on a very regular basis and will be adding more renderings as I can. Its very time consuming for someone who still has SLOOOOW dial up. Looking forward to hearing from everyone with your thoughts and opinions.

Thanks to all who have given me input on this.

Ron (smeagolsfree)


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Hey Cheerio

Sometimes the map takes a little while to load, especially if you are on dial up. Under the city box, Charlotte should come up and click on that arrow and then to Nashville. If that does not work I dont know what to tell you. Maybe get with Rural King and see if you have a setteing wrong .

Good Luck



I will get Dreaminc added. sounds good to me.

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Hey guys. We have not had the Nashville development map pinned and for the new people on the forum, I wanted to make sure you guys see this. It takes a little while to load, even with high speed, so be patient. There are only a few cities on Urban Planet that have had these maps done. I have updated to some degree but not as much as I want to.

The map will show locations of all developement happening currently and in the past few years.

Here is the link.


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Here is a link to the Metro Building permits. I think this is the lot 601 2nd ave. Sometimes they have a statement in the permit: such as , "for future condos" or "new office building" , but on this one, nothing.

It is the 4th item down on the link.


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