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Restaurant Development in NW Arkansas


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7 hours ago, rlsmith17 said:

Went to Which Which in Bentonville for lunch today and they are closed. Sign is gone and building cleaned out. 

They are relocating and adding a drive thru

3 hours ago, IronScott said:

I understand someone bought the hotel

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Fayetteville Flyer is reporting that a Branson promoter has purchased the former AQ-Chicken building and will be opening a diner/steakhouse/entertainment venue ... says the building will be split into a butcher-block steakhouse on one side and bar on the other side to host late night comedy.  Interesting.

Anyone think Smudgies Dessert Lab will last?  Seems every time I drive by the place is empty.  Maybe once the university is back in session business will pick up but seems like Fayetteville will only support so many 'sweet treat' type places. 

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The former Zaxby's restaurant on N. College will soon be the home of a new to the area breakfast/lunch chain called First Watch.  Nearest locations are in Tulsa and Springfield, MO.  

Here is a link to the website: First Watch


Also CJ's Butcher Boy will be adding a Fayetteville location at 3484 W. Wedington.  This is a chain out of Russellville and they already have many locations in Central Arkansas (Dave's) and a couple in the River Valley (Patrick's).

Here is the story from The Fayetteville Flyer:  CJ's Butcher Boy




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