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New Companies Opening Up In The Triad


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Well with the recent wave of new companies that are setting up shop and expanding here in the Triad, I thought why not create a new topic about it. Whether it be common news or breaking news this is the place to post it. Just to start us off here are a few of the companies that ave already opened up or are planning to..Fed Ex, Dell, APL Logistics, 89 Lumber, Unilin, and Intertractor America. I hope this will suceed! :)

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It doesn't seem like the Triad gets many posts so I will post. Its good that the Triad is quietly picking up these companies-it should start to really boost the economy. One interesting thing I saw recently was that RF microsystems (based in GSO) is one of the biggest suppliers for Lenovo (ex-IBM PC division now based in the Triangle). It points out that the Triad and Triangle can really cooperate each other to attract more business to the area. I see the I-40 corridor from Raleigh to GSO/WS as being a major high tech power in the next 10-20 years.

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Well a lumber drying firm, Wilderness NC Inc., is to locate to Davidson County. Should be interesting since they will be occupying an old funiture mill. Meanwhile the state will be providing a grant to help jumpstart the construction of the new Center for Design Innovation in PTRP.

Center for Design

Lumber Firm

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Cool new logo Hotlanta, But I miss the old one. I can't belive your 13.


Thanks Tre! :) Nobody else on here can believe it either that i'm 13 but hey I LOVE this site! When I come here I feel among company and not an "outsider." You can just call me a sucker for Macs and iPods even though I don't own a Mac. I try to update once a month because I get tired seeing them after a while, and after a day I'm already tired of seeing this one. :D

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