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Higher education in South Carolina

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On 11/15/2019 at 7:44 PM, Spartan said:


I disagree. I hear people reference it as "the government" from time to time. It's not as often as Washington or other national capitals, but is does happen.

That's a new one for me. And I'm talking about in the course of casual conversation with "regular" people and not políticos. Now they may say something like "state politicians in Raleigh, Annapolis, etc" but I've never heard folks regularly reference a state capital the way people regularly reference DC, especially with a note of disdain. Even in Atlanta where there a good bit of animosity towards the city from rural folks and their politicians, the vitriol aimed at Atlanta is 95% about the city itself and has little to do with state government. In any case I don't find it to be a common occurrence that folks in SC say "Columbia" to refer disparagingly towards state government.

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Outside the Midlands it is not uncommon to refer to "Columbia" as the term for state government, whether disparagingly or not depends on the context.  

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