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BBQ in Cola


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Since when did someone's racial prejudices affect the tase of his food? Maurices is pretty good anyway but...

Shealy's Barbecue in Batesbrug-Leesville is top notch from what I understand.

I really want to try this place. Its fairly legendary.

I like Palmetto Pig off off Huger Street in the Vista a couple of doors down from Todd & Moore.

... the Palmetto Pig, which is on Devine and Pulaski I think, has excellent BBQ. Arguably better than Maurices.

There is also a place out on Alpine Rd that is supposedly pretty good.

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Palmetto Pig's pork is good as far as roast meat goes, but it is not smoked. And I'm not partial to their hash or beans. Good hushpuppies.

Little Pigs on Alpine Road is very good. Very good. Wonderful selection on the buffet. My favorite thus far.

Hudson's Smokehouse on 378 between Columbia and Lexington is also very good. No inside seating. No hushpuppies. But good BBQ.

Maurice? Just say no.

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Yes, they are excellent in FL and GA. Something is wrong with the NC and SC stores, that must be why they have not expanded more. They are the only chain restaurant I know that has improved quality over the years, not decreased it. I might drive up to Rock Hill one day to check it out!

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Interesting. I've never had a bad experience at the one off of I-77 in Charlotte. We have eaten at the one in St. Mary's, GA on the way back from my wife's parents. It's always quality... I mean, for what it is. Seriously... I know it's a different kind of thing that Columbia is used to and stuff like that doesn't always go over well (change happens slowly here, in case you haven't noticed), but I still think it would make mad bank! :) It's unique and there are certainly enough people that would be into it to sustain it and potentially do really well.

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