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Augusta...Downtown, Medical District, Old Towne


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The 10th Street project from Broad to Ellis Street is now under construction

The project will completely revamp one half of 10th Street, making it more inviting for visitors. It will feature new antique-style street lamps, newly poured sidewalks and five new trees. The intersection will also feature a kiosk with a map of downtown and an explanation of the streetscape concept. Construction should be done in 1 to 3 months

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The Augusta Neighborhood Improvement Corp. will develop a townhouse subdivision on 9th street. The name of the development would be the 'Enclave on James Brown'. The first of the townhouses would be redy by April! This is a bold move to put $130,000 homes in the Laney Walker area but you got to have vision.



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Thats alot of more money coming to downtown in the next 2 years. 400,000 for the condos, and 140,000 to probably 200,000 for the enclave and whites building. I wonder what richmond county median income will be by 2010. Augusta is becoming more and more progressive every day.

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It is more where that came from. Betty Beard may have made herself an Augusta legend. By casting her vote for the TEE center, the innercity will get million upfront revitalization. She wasted no time by putting a committee together to lobby for her district development. Now only if every comissioner could get a sweet deal like she did, Augusta would change over night.


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Medical College of GA Expansion

Friday that the federal agency had given the housing authority permission to sell the 15-acre housing development to MCG for $6.89 million

the housing authority also has plans to build $45 million in smaller, mixed-income developments. They are looking at a couple of sites.

The move is "a bold step to begin to deinstitutionalize poverty in this city, to no longer isolate Augusta's poor from the mainstream of Augusta's population," Mr. Young said.


Augusta is slowly but surely revitalizing old housing near downtown and east augusta.

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More info on the kroc center in harrisburg. This area will be a major downtown corridor in the future. I think in the next 5 years. Augusta will pass south carolina cities. And alot of other cities in the southeast.

Kroc center estimated up to 110 million

It will have four facilities.

One stop center

Recreation center

Arts & Education/Worship center

Enterprise park




Joan Kroc in January 2004 gave $1.5 billion

Only 10 cities in the south have been approved for funding.

Some who are close Memphis, Charlotte, Greenville, Louisville, Atlanta. Construction should start this year or 09

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The buzz for 2008 is major growth. Alot of it downtown

Development along the riverfront is the plan for 2008. There's a plan for new shops, the Trade, Exhibit and Events Center, the baseball complex, and a public park all along the river.

1st Annual Ball Drop in Downtown Augusta for New Years

A 15 foot ball will drop 120 feet at the stroke of midnight on 11th street in the heart of downtown Augusta. They say they hope to start a tradition. And do it every year.


City drops ball for 2007

Augusta is growing. It's growing with the rest of the big cities. I think we need to do this," he said. "It's nice, it's nice."


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City wants public's input on its plans

Beginning Tuesday, the Augusta-Richmond County Planning Commission will play host to a series of open house-style meetings to elicit feedback on its new comprehensive plan, a plan that will guide the city's growth by looking at where the community is, where it wants to go and how it should get there. The plan provides a "general focus for the future development of the city," he said.

The scope of the plan includes housing, economic development, transportation, community facilities and services, historic resources, natural resources and green space and land use.

"It's good for any community to do it at least once every five years," Mr. DeCamp said.

Once complete, the plan will have an "implementation strategy" to take Augusta where its citizens want to go.

I hope this means more going up and not out.


Other news: First big concert for 2008

R. Kelly brings double up tour to augusta. The concert is sold out. Tickets will be $62 dollars. We feel we have the facilities and we want to make sure we continue to bring in the acts that people want, said Gordon. Gordon said several other big acts this year include Alicia Keys rock band Blood, Sweat and Tears. Also, scheduled this month the Augusta Futurity and a play Broadway David Copperfield.


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Downtown Augusta goes upscale


The original molding and stained glass dating back to the 1920s are parts of the skylight in the center of the Nicholas Dickinson & Associates architectural firm on Broad Street.


Nicholas Dickinson's architectural firm bought the entire building on the corner of Eighth and Broad and restored it.


The W.R. Toole Engineers, Inc. building at 1002 Broad St in Augusta


The hallway on the second floor of the W.R. Toole building at 1005 Broad St.


blueprints for what will be RW Allen's corporate headquarters, as job superintendent Chuck Wilson (right) makes measurements at the site of the construction in the old Augusta Gallery Office Furniture store on Broad Street.


The three-story building housing the newly opened ESI offices features an atrium.


A worker for the Metro Construction group loads old wood to throw out during demolition of the JB White's building in downtown Augusta.


Construction on the Watermark along the Savannah River is seen from the top of the Wachovia Building in downtown Augusta.

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Downtown Augusta one step closer to expansion

The Downtown Development Authority voted unanimously Thursday to expand the city boundaries. The plan is to expand downtown east to Bobby Jones, west to Milledgeville Road, and south to Wrightsboro Road to include the medical community and Paine College. The plan now has to go before the Augusta commission. Augusta's downtown could take on a new shape and size as early as February or March


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Harrisburg residents excited about proposed downtown expansion.

The kroc center must be about to start construction. There is alot of talk about redevelopment in harrisburg. Augusta is about to boom. If its not already. Because of significant attention to improve historic areas. Areas that were once depressed and run-down. Now will be major corridors and catalyst. To the future of downtown

Laney walker, bethlehem, harrisburg, old towne, east boundary

The Downtown Development Authority wants to add the harrisburg neighborhood to downtown. "Work on the abandoned houses, sidewalks, street lights. We're looking to get historic signs put up. "These areas are prime for housing, they're gateways that need to be cleaned up," said Executive Director Margaret Woodard.

The new boundaries would expand downtown west to Milledge Road, East to Bobby Jones, and also include Harrisburg and the MCG and Paine College area.

Woodard believes downtown will grow in the coming years, and so the neighborhoods need to be ready for people to move in.

She says once people move in, so will new businesses.

Now the board will go to the commission and try to get the plan approved.

The existing downtown area


The proposed downtown area


The existing downtown area (red) and the proposed downtown area (yellow and red)


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Fund will push downtown improvements

Public safety bike patrols and maintenance personnel on carts will hit downtown streets on the day after Valentine's Day.

A downtown Business Improvement District is in effect, but the improvements won't begin until the middle of February.

The BID covers 30 blocks of downtown Augusta. Improvements are sidewalk cleaning, security, graffiti removal, beautification and trash collection.

The additional tax assessment would create a $337,000 fund to pay for the services above and beyond what the city provides.

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Broad Street loft thrills Augustan

When Emily Carder returned to Augusta from UGA after graduate school in 2003, she wanted to move downtown but couldn't find a place. She rented an apartment in Columbia County, but she wanted to be able to walk downtown to the market to get fresh vegetables, to meet friends for dinner or drinks, or to listen to music.

Living in a downtown loft has enhanced her enjoyment of events such as First Fridays and parades. She and her friends, and her 4-year-old dog, Gable, take in the action from her small balcony that overlooks Broad Street.


Ms. Carder, co-owner of a music business in Augusta, moved into her apartment in 2005.


This is the living room of the loft apartment on Broad Street in Augusta.


The master bath has a sunflower theme.


The dining area is part of the great room in Ms. Carder's apartment. Ms. Carder said her favorite feature in the room is the exposed brick wall.


Emily Carder makes full use of the spacious kitchen in her apartment on Broad Street. She frequently has friends over for dinner and has family specialties she likes to prepare.


The apartment is in the old Cullum's Department Store building in the 700 block of Broad Street.

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