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Pittsburgh loses a great institution

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Shoop men's clothiers is closing it's doors this Christmas. My first reaction was big deal, small shops come and go, then I read the article, man I feel like crying over this one. If I had 10 more years on me I'd buy him out . . . I am seriously thinking since it seems like he isn't in it for an "investment" to propose taking it over in some fashion (though I wouldn't be selling men's clothes right off the bat). I think from an investment standpoint I'd lose more money in the first 5 years then I would ever make on it, Freeport is not the hottest part of the metroplex, but to buy the license and an option (locked in) on the original property maybe make it sweet for him by cutting him an ownership stake (pay later), I just HATE to see a proud Pittsburgh area institution die such a silent death. Since 1830, the Lincoln campaign buttons, the spitoon (sp) the old shop stories. Could you imagine what American Eagle's marketing wizards could do with all that . . . the "Founded 1830" alone is gold on Madison Avenue. More then anything I just wish I could have been there to stop the Syrian from going down, or Pitt Stadium, I like the Pete and I know Oakland has to march forward but some of us dies when things like Shoop's go away for good. :(

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