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New Orleans

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QUOTE(CtownMikey @ Nov 23 2005, 10:36 PM)

I wanted to be a ball-buster and ask what the manhatten of the north was, but I held back

Have a great Holiday everyone

It is definitely not Providence.

I would say Manhatten is the Manhatten of the North.

Thanks Nashville the Hick capital of the South but it does have nice Greek revival

I seriously hope you're not serious.

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Normally I would say Manhattan with an A, not Manhatten with an E. :D

Saw we had the Charlotteans thinking that the place was going to triple in size overnight to catch Houston. :rofl:

If Nashville is the Hick Capital of the South, what does that mean for some of the other Southern cities? By the way, Paris of the North, Washington DC. :wub:

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New Orleans will always be the culture king of the south. Maybe, I am bias about the south but where in the USA can you get a better meal or a sweet girl than the south.

New Orleans is lacking the ambition of Atlanta, the sheer Houston swagger and that leadership starts with the mayor and state government.

Houston is roughly half the size of Rhode Island.

I am talking about metro Houston, metro Atlanta maybe larger to?

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