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Continental Aluminum Plant

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Continental Aluminum is an abandoned factory on the far East side, with a portion of the property bordering Jefferson. Allan and I explored the factory about a month ago. Except for the steel sheds, the concrete portions of the plant are in excellent structural condition. What is interesting about this factory, is that there is a lot of open space that could mean the building could serve a variety of functions if it was reused. I was thinking this building would make an awesome community center if it could be rehabilitaed. The main factory building could serve as an open gymnasium, and the multistory structure could be used for other purposes. There is also a lot of open property surrounding the factory, which could be used for park space, athletic fields, etc. There is also plans to build brand new homes in this area. Converting the factory into something could be key for making this neighborhood a desirable place to live.

I have a lot of photos of the factory, but none are uploaded onto my server space. So I'll include a link to an old Detroit News Article that talks about it. Maybe if Allan has time, he wouldn't mind posting a few, or else I'll get them uploaded when I can

Continental Aluminum

Anyway, what are your thoughts about this factory?

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Uhh, Wolverine, I definately took like 2 photos in there, neither of which turned out. Remember that my camera was acting screwy, thanks to our earlier exploration of that apartment building on Jefferson?

Anyway, I do think the community center use is an awesome idea. It all really depends on exactly how contaminated the site is. I've heard it's really bad, but haven't seen the data to back it up. It is very possible that the whole thing will have to be demolished to clean up the site, depending on what toxins are in the soil, at what locations, and at what levels.

Continental Aluminum is now located in the burbs, where the neighbors complain of the same stink that Detroiters complained about when the plant was located in the city.

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Sorry I forgot, since your camera is now operational again.

I'll turn this thread into a urbex photo gallery






Smokestack base


Back building. There's a large derrick and blast furnace (not pictured).


A wall that is somewhat in need of repair.


You don't see a lot of round walls in factories.


A column that is in desperate need of repair.


A dead

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The only architectural feature I can see making this building worth saving is that round wall at the back which is pretty rare in factory construction.

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