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Michelin North American headquarters


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Is there construction going on here? What's with that red dirt and wood and whatnot in one of the pictures? By the way, nice photos! I wish that Michelin was downtown :unsure: , but I just like having them here :thumbsup: .

Yeah, wouldn't it be cool to have a 25-30 story tower downtown with the Michelin logo on it? Perhaps someday they will have a presence there as well as at their current site. I'm with you, though, I'm just glad to have their North American headquarters in Greenville! And besides, the current building is an attractive one in a nice area of town.

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I am hoping that one day BMW will decide to move its North American Headquaters to Greenville from New Jersey.

Since they import most of their cars in through Charleston it doesn't seem that the need to be near the NEw Jersey Port any longer.

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