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Construction Bid Update

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Just wanted to update everyone about construction bids going on in Nashville. I know some of you know the site I got the info from, but I hesitate mentioning it because of past issues. I will give you a few highlights of what thye are and speculation as to what the project may be.

The date shown is the date the bid was released.

Mixed use development 11/27: phase I, 5 story res. lofts with a couryard and retail. aprox 101 units.

11/27: phase II, 200,000 sq ft retail commercial and townhomes

I think that may be in the Rolling Mill hill development.

Next: 11/17: 400 units with retail /fitness center mixed use

Probably The ICON

Next 10/26: Stadium with 600 condos and retail

Definatly the Sounds

Next 10/20: 2 20 story towers w/ 600 units and retail plus parking

Probably The Encore

Next 9/7: A 17 story mised use development

Maybe 12th and Division

Next 8/18: 55 story condo tower

The Signature

What do you all think??? :thumbsup:

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I've been keeping up with that site too, and I definitely think agree that those are probably the projects listed. Don't be surprised to see another bid on a 55 story project soon on that site...based on the new Tony G. design just announced.

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