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old Barnett Tower on FIRE?


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While its bad that there is a fire, it seems relativly contained. It does however bring up a very interesting question?

WHy did the fire start int he first place...

1) Worst Case - Bad wiring or something there in... Would realy suck if this is the cause because the would mean the entire building would need rewiring. This would definitly increase the cost to redevelope (unless it was already factored in)

2) Nuetral/somewhat negative Case - Squaters caused the fire. While I seriously doubt this is the case, it is possible. This wont realy effect the redevlopement any oter than repairing fire damage. Would jsut suck because that would mean its being trashed b transient individuals...

3) Best case - This one is actualy a good sign if it turns out to be a case... Workers are starting to begin redevlopement work of some kind. Its bad that they may have caused a fire, but this means work has begun on converting the Barnett... Good sign...

Anyway, Jsut some thoughts


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