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Provence Breads planning up 12 more Nashville stores


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Provence is one of my favorite places. I remember the first store in the Village and how extensive the offerings were. One truly felt the cafe experience.

At one point on a downtown home tour a couple of years back, the then-developer of the Kress hinted at talks with Panera for the retail space below. Now, it seems feasible that Panera, Bread & Co. or Provence would be a good fit for at least a portion of the space.

Each of these places blows Starbucks out of the water anyway because of the personal flavor of Provence Cafes and Bread and Co. As far as Panera goes, I have no problem with them. I love it.

I was pleased to see Provence was opening in the Roundabout as well. With the opening of the Adelicia office shortly and Provence, it'll be nice to see some street level space filled.

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Hendersonville is in for lots of new stuff with the new lifestyle centers. I was up there last weekend and amazed, as usual...all the way to Gallatin.

Yes, just 5 years ago the residents complained because we were a city of 40,000 with virtually no retail shops and no restaurants. Everyone drove to Rivergate or beyond for everything except groceries. The biggest chain restaurant in the city was Applebee's. I believe our new mayor and the county commissioner saw that we couldn't keep up with places like Brentwood and Franklin if we didn't attract our own sales tax base. It seems that the developers were just waiting to get the call.

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