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Holy CRAP. It keeps coming


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thanks to mullen on TwinCityScape.com

Next week's Business Journal states that Jim Graves has big plans for his condo tower. He's talking about possibly something with more floors than the IDS (57). A glass sheathed skyline changer, that's what he's talking about! He wants to begin construction this summer or fall, very ambitious timeline, if you ask me.......is this guy just some dreamer or for real? I don't want to get my hopes to high.

He wants a synergy with his Le Meridien hotel and is looking at sites near Block E. He states that he can build on the half of the skyway theater block he owns even without the Shinders corner. Stay tuned to this one, the height alone would make this the most exciting project of the many residential buildings being built or planned.

Here's what is planned or already under construction in downtown Minny:

27 story Grant Park Tower

26 story Elliott Park Tower

39 story Bridge Place

50 story Hennepin Ave Condo

?? story Powers Tower"

+ 27, 27, 25, and 15 at the Pillsbury A Mill.


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