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Hi there :)

I've been lurking around here for some time enjoying the pictures that people of North American cities, I haven't really been able to contribute since, well, I'm in Australia :P and I kinda feel guilty about not contributing so here are some pics I took of my hometown, Sydney! :). Hope you don't mind that they're not from North America :).

Pics here http://www.imagestation.com/album/pictures...l?id=4287976651

Hope you liked my pictures :)



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We don't mind that they aren't from America...We enjoy seeing cities from all over the world :)

Those are some awesome pics, Winston!! Sydney looks like a really cool place to live. I'd love to live there (or at least visit) someday :).

BTW, Welcome to the forum!

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Three Sydney Panos :)

Copy the text below, paste it into the address bar and replace the "*" with a "h" for the full size image. This is to prevent Imagestation from knowing its hotlinked.




And here's an bonus one I took from "Newcastle", its around 160KMs (100 Miles?) North of Sydney.


You might need an account at Imagestation to view, but registration is free and shouldn't take too long :).


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