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Seneca is.... well, an interesting place to say the least. There is generally not much going on there. All of the activity is on 123 and the area towards Lake Keowee.

The downtown area is actually pretty neat. Ramcat Alley is a nice little strip of restaurants and such. Seneca seems to have missed out on the razing process that most of the larger cities went through in the 70s, so there is a fair amount of old architecture there. Again, Ramcat Alley is the best place to see this, but Main St and even 123 Business will give you a nice flavor of what is there.

You can get some dirt cheap houses in town that wuld be extremely nice if they were fixed up a little.

One of the problems I saw was that to get to downtown you have to go through what feels like a sketchy area, and most of the area between downtown and 123 is probably sketchy too.

Seneca has some problems to work out, but I don't see why it can't bulid off the relative success of Ramcat Alley to make the city a decent place to live. Its not a bad drive to Clemson from there either. 10 mins tops.

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