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I have a few pics from our recent trip up to Atlanta, but dont know how to get them on this site. Can anyone help me out?

Here is what you could do..

  1. Have your pictures saved to your computer

  2. Go to www.imageshack.us <I think Imageshack is the easiest to use, and it's free, but there are many other photo hosting websites if you dont like imageshack.

  3. Click Browse, select the pictures you want, and then upload them. You have to do this one at a time, it can be slow.

  4. Once you have selected a picture, click "upload"

  5. On the next screen, copy the link in the "Hotlink for forums (1)" box, and post it in a reply box on UrbanPlanet. You dont need to use image tags if your using imageshack)

Hope that helps :)
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Now it says my files are to big when I upload them...do you know how to make them smaller? Sorry, i dont deal with these pictures on the net to often. Thanks!
You might want to try something like JPEG Optimizer.. It will let you drastically reduce the file size of most images without noticeably affecting the quality. It lets you compare the original and the compressed image side by side, and it's a freebie, too.
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