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Bill Hall (WSMV) retires today.

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Just as the title says, Meteorologist Bill Hall of WSMV NBC Channel 4 in Nashville is calling it a career tonight. He is hanging up the umbrella for the sun shades and fishing pole. He has been a TV staple for years in Nashville. I appreciate his honesty and down home demeaner. He will be missed.

I just wanted to share this.

Thanks for allowing me.



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Three cheers for Bill! I've been watching him for 32 years and I'll miss him. His forecasts were always good-humored, as accurate as he knew how, and he someone was able to avoid the "Chicken Little" sky-is-falling demeanor some others have. Lisa Patton, you listening, darlin'. You get sooooo excited (but I like you, anyway).

Good night, Bill.

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