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Pics from Russellville

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I had an unexpected day off from work so why not take some pictures.

We'll start by walking toward downtown...







This building burned last year. Plans are to refurbish the facade and turn the interior space into a downtown park.


A new restaurant is scheduled to open in this corner building next year.


The latest controversy in town involves the city's old brick sidewalks. While portions are all that remain, some of these sidewalks date back 150 years. The mayor has decided that they are unsafe, therefore, these barriers are needed to protect citizens. I guess she thinks walking on the street is safer.

Homeowners have the option of allowing the city to replace them with concrete or they can pay out of pocket to have the sidewalks replaced by hand. Until there is a compromise, these barriers will remain.



Since I grew up here, I can wander through almost any yard I want.


Or I can just go in homes to take pictures.


One of the 'newer' homes in the area built in the 1920's









The street I live on!



This home was built as a honeymoon cottage after the couple returned from the Grand Canyon.



A few pictures I took this summer...






That's all for now. Ya'll come back now!

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Bravo Bravo!!!!!! Superb work Vertigo. I really enjoyed viewing this thread and let me just say these are some outstanding pictures from a great historic Kentucky town. :thumbsup:

Can we expect more pics of Russellville and/or nearby towns?

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Vertigo, you are my hero. Russellville is Central City's big brother to the south. It is, IMO, one of the most beautiful and quaint towns in the entire state of Kentucky. The housing stock around downtown would floor most of us in a minute! *Notice how the housing styles change from Central City to Russellville???? Not a big change, but a subtle to drastic in some cases.* Well done with the thread man, well done.

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Rural King,

I actually prefer taking city pictures in the winter months because everything is much more exposed. From a photography standpoint, it becomes more of a challenge to make a neighborhood look warm and inviting despite the bleak conditions.

I've always judged the beauty of a neighborhood by how it looks in winter. If it looks good at the worst time of year, you know it looks good during the more lush times.

So to answer your question, yes I will be taking more photos of Russellville and surrounding communities during the coming weeks.


Yes, the housing stock varies betwen Russellville and other nearby communities (such as Central City). Of course, Russellville has been around about 100 years longer than most of it's neighbors. Most towns in Kentucky didn't start to take off until the railroads were completed. Even nearby Bowling Green was was nothing more than a spot on the map by the time much of this area was built.

To put it into another perspective, I've counted over 30 homes standing in Russellville's historical district today were built prior to anything in Old Louisville (1870).

For this part of the country, that's old!


Thank you for your interest in this thread. Russellville is located 1 hour North of Nashville Tenn, about 30 miles West of I-65.

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It's funny, my dad actually works for the City of Russellville, but he lives with mom in Central City. One of the guys that is head over the water department, used to be in a upper position in the water department in Central City. The pay is a bit better and the people are nicer, so that is why he is in R-Ville not Central City anymore. Just a little tid bit that you may find interesting.

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Great pics, thanks for sharing them. It's nice to see a lot of the older buildings and houses. As you move further west you don't see quite as many of them as you get to see in the east overall.

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