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possible relo to wilmington, need help with research

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I am from Michigan. My husband has a job interview in Wilmington. I am doing a little bit of research on the area and I am asking for some help. Can anyone give me some towns/areas to look at. We'd prefer something on the smaller side, like 10-40k residents but we'd be open to larger communities if it meant having more of the qualities we'd like. We're looking for a nice community where people are proud to be from. Here's my wish list (This also describes the town we currently live in. You may ask, "Why are you moving??" Ask my husband that one. (IMG:style_emoticons/default/wacko.gif) ):

Good schools, low crime, vibrant, quaint historic downtown shopping district, art/theater/culture, good restaurants, nice parks, a nice library with children's programming, free concerts-in-the-park-type of events, a mix of well kept historic homes on traditional streets and newer homes, festivals (like community fairs, art fairs, etc.) christmas walks, home tours, youth sports, within a 1/2 hour commute to work.

I'm sure a few places like this exist around this area. Can you help me in my research?!? Thanks!!!

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I recommend that you do a little searching on the site as you have already double posted this in the Triad section. Our rules state don't make posts here looking for a place to live. Nobody on UrbanPlanet wants to keep running into "where should I move" posts. Do some research on your own and then ask some questions here.

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