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More Downtown Raleigh eateries in the works


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There's a good story about several new restaurants opening in downtown over the next few months. 4 of them being New Orleans styled restaurants. Also mentions Hatem opening a Lebanese restaurant and the Times bar in the near future. One thing I noticed was that a lot of them are on Wilmington Street. That is definitely one area that could use some redevelopment with the many run down and empty storefronts.

Hopefully with the RBC announcement even more restaurants will open up downtown!

More gumbo for Raleigh

In addition to the Cajun fare, four other restaurants also are planned for downtown and Hormann said she expects several other groups to announce new downtown restaurants next year as well. Restaurants typically boost nighttime and weekend traffic.
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It looks like Raleigh may be the new New Orleans.

I *really* hope Raleigh (and the Triangle) is looked at as the "new/next New Orleans". I would like the area to serve as a 21st century "port" the way New Orleans did throughout its storied history. The area offers a good mix of old and new, young and old, white and blue collar, arts and technology, etc. It is in this mix of cultures and ideas that great things arise. Four cajun restaurants seems like a bit of overkill but there may be a place for all of them:

- Zydeco Downtown - bar/club that happens to have a restuaruant that isn't "pure" cajun but a mix of styles and flavors.

- Absinthe House of Raleigh - mid-high end bistro, adds ground floor excitement to the Fayetville Street side of the Hudson, close to the Sheraton and CC hotels. A cajun version of Cafe Luna or Duck and Dumpling?

- The Big Easy - under construction for what seems forever, primarily geared for the lunch crowd, but also a fun, not as buttoned down crowd. Cajun equivalent of Tir Na Nog or Hard Times?

- Yancey's (hopefully at the Warehouse) - a larger venue for music acts, dancing, etc. in one part, and the restaurant in the Dawson end, i.e. a non-chained House of Blues! Maybe if we're good boys and girls, a Sunday Gospel Brunch! Please!!!!

All this *plus* the Times Bar, Moring Times, and Riveria all on line in three months! Then Kitchen in May and the Lebanese place in 133 Fayetville St. in 07! Wow! Hopefully people will be able to make the link between this area, the Duck and Dumpling/Tir Na Nog/Cafe Luna stretch right around the corner on Blount, and Cuba/Est Est Est. Maybe Brass Grill and Dakota Grill will stay open later when everything comes on line? This is a great way to start the infill link from Moore Square to the Warehouse district.

And a good compliment to whatever goes in at street level in the RBC building one block to the south!

Yea for me (and my 10 minute stroll to Hargett/Wilmington)!

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I like the fact that these restaurants all seem to be locally owned rather than chain crap (ie a mall food court downtown). The variety/ethnicity is also impressive. The New Orleans styled places seem so different I don't think they will compete all that much. If 4 Irish Pubs popped up there wouldn't even be an issue or story.

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RE: Irish pubs, yeah we already have three downtown -- Tir Na Nog, Napper Tandys (formerly Ri Ra) and Hibernian -- which seem close to each other price wise, and all seem to do well. They didn't open all at once, but were within a couple of years of each other.

Same thing with sports bars - Hi 5, Woodys, Jillians, and you could throw in Stool Pigeons and/or Around the Corner. Or Italian restaurants -- Vics, Cafe Luna, and est est est. Steakhouses are well represented as well, but I don't know of any that have closed down.

Will there be a shake out? Maybe, but I hope not, except for restaurants that have nothing to offer. Once all the condos, etc. come on line downtown (to say nothing of the convention center) there will probably be a need for even more!

Pharoah's has been taking its time opening... hopefully it won't be a lunch crowd only place like the other PE tenants, but we'll see.

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I think this is all great but the best thing I see is from the comment below.....

"The third, a soul food eatery called the Kitchen, will open on Wilmington Street in May."

This is what Raleigh needs. A good vegetable place, something like Loopy's in Charlotte. (not sure if it still open). Something like Mama Dips in Chapel Hill.

I have always thought that "the Point" location in 5 points was the perfect location for a good soul food/vegetable place

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Lupie's is still around but its not a soul food place-its just a dive. It is known for its chili but I have to say it is pretty awful. Dip's is not very good either. $12 for BBQ or fried chicken is ridiculous, especially when its not all that great. Hopefully this place will be a bit better than both aformentioned places.

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Joe's Place is ok for veggies.. well not really, but the vegetable plate is all you can eat! It always felt like Big Eds, but belonged downtown vs. country transplant in the city. Most vegetables seemed to come from a can, but that might be because of what I chose.

It has been years since I've been there so I don't know what the current price/quality is. It is not "southern food" by any stretch of the imagination, but it is something different. It is also a bit of an "island" by itself food wise, at the corner of Martin and Dawson, with the Berkley, Nana's, and Humble Pie nearby but not close.

The Morning Times is going in where Dakota grill was... Currently breakfast options downtown are limited to Biscuit Station, Krispy Kreme, Cafe Carolina, and Chic Fil A, so this could be a good addition. Bagels without having to drive to Bruggers on Hillsborough st or at Mission Valley!

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I don't blame them. We went to Fins for the first time on Friday, 11/11. On that night they only turned 7 tables. The food was GREAT though. I'd love to see them downtown.

One neat thing about Craig Davis' proposal for Site 1 is the list of restaurants they are seeking. The one that really gets me excited is Chapel Hill Restaurant Group (518, 411, Squids, Spanky's). They just opened a southwestern place in RTP. I'd love to see what they'd have for Raleigh. They have a Midas touch.

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