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What will replace the burned out apartments on East?


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I suppose it would be too much to hope for apts to be rebuilt. The location is too valuable. I am sure it will be replaced by "hip" condos. No offense to condo owners. However, as one of the dying breed of renters in Dilworth I find all the conversions to be very sad. My apt is in a converted old house and I choose to believe my landlords assurances that he would "never sell". HAHA. Having a mix of incomes and diversity is what makes an urban neighborhood so attractive. The teachers, civil servants etc in my building could not live here without renting and they should not be exiled because they don't make as much as bankers and lawyers etc who can buy.They have every right to be able to live in a nice neighborhood. When all of us renters are finally driven out, Dilworth will have the socioeconomic composition of Ballantyne. Jumping off socialist soapbox. :ph34r: Camden Dilworth while ugly, at least allows for a small addition of new apts in the area but I would not be surprised if they go condo in a few years as well.

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