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Steelcase Facility Sold


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Got a "breaking news" alert from the GRBJ that the vacant Steelcase facility on Broadmoor has been sold to the same Chicago firm that successully bought, partitioned and filled the 900,000 sq ft old Bosch facility. They plan to split up the 665,000 plant into smaller more marketable units. More here (although few details yet).


Gotta love Chicago money :)

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Good news. Lets fill the thing with new workers and keep the tax money flowing. As a side note, they did an excellent job with the Bosch facility. It should also be noted that most jobs Steelcase is 'outsourcing' from their factory are simply being outsourced further down the channel. Lucky for us, most of the channel partners are located right here.

I know of quite a few smaller shops that for years have asked Steelcase to outsource work to them. Well, they are getting it, and my guess is that we will see a net gain out of all of this. It was simply a logical progression for Steelcase to make.

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A follow up article in the Press regarding the recent trend of splitting up these mammoth facilities into more marketable units:

Plants Divide and Conquer to Attract Tenants

There's a great picture of the old Bosch facility from the air. I didn't realize they demolished almost a quarter of the building to break it in half and to allow more loading docks.

Here's an interesting quote from Donald Shoemaker of Franklin Partners, who purchased the Steelcase plant:

"I wouldn't have had an interest in the computer-furniture building if I was not aware of some good-size manufacturers looking in the market," he said.

"Without prospects, it is not something I would have jumped on."

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