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What are the best sunbelt metros for jobs...by field, major or industry?


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I notice in a lot of ranking tables to best economies and best places for jobs or job growth whether based on unemployment rates or recent/projected job growth. There are a few unanswered ?'s left and not all could be answered with statistics alone like "What kind of jobs?" Also many of the cities are on the opposite end of the country OR have a controversial climate (Madison, Sioux Falls, Salt Lake City...). Cities roughly south of PA and roughly east of Texas would be my main interest...

Also the statistics don't always break em down to one's profession or walk of life...

IN other words...

What would be the best metros for entry level jobs?

What would be the best ones for certain fields (Business/Finance, Hospitality, High Tech, Medical Research/Biotech/Pharmeceuticals, Social Services/Humanitarian, The Arts

or by major for college graduates:

Most promising areas for... Business majors, Liberal Arts majors...

OK I know some may be obvious (Charlotte-finance, Raleigh- Medical, Research, Hospitality, Orlando, Music-Nashville) but I was just giving examples...

One thing I noticed is the cities that come out on top overall, Raleigh-Durham for example have several prestegious universities. I would wonder if that could be a disadvantage though, If you have a High Tech degree from an ordinary state school who knows where, you would be competing with the cream of the crop from Duke, State, or UNC...

Anyone have any info or links?

Personally my field is in the Social Service area and major was Social Science (Phych/Soc/ Human Services)... but I thought it would be intesesting to have a thread for any Fields or Majors...

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That's a list of top biotech centers...


and thats a list of top metros for engineers though I'm not sure if that necessarily means theyre the top ones for engineers looking for a job.

I just thought I'd add 2 and bump the thread up, even though those are pretty obvious (Raleigh-Durham, Huntsville...).

I'm not even 100% sure what Bio-tech encompasses... I mean I have an idea of course knowing what bio-and tech means, and that it's a rather sophisticated sounding buzz word. I guess if there was a cure for cancer the cities listed would be the most likely places?

Anyway the info I'm most looking for is where a person is most likely to find jobs in their selected field.

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If you're a business major it's hard to beat Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers, AR which has the nation's largest company, Wal-Mart, as well as another Fortune 500, Tyson Foods and a plethora of smaller companies. Every company that vends with Wal-mart has to have an established office in Bentonville, AR for customer relations purposes and because of that there are high-paying jobs aplenty.

Unemployment is only 2.3%

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