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201 Depot St. (AA)


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From O'Neal Construction of Ann Arbor.


I saw this interesting building under construction when I was on my way back to my residence hall. The building is situated within the lower Ann Arbor area. This hilly part of town was once home to several mills and other industries crammed along the Huron river. Access to numerous railroad lines helped this location develop into a healthy industrial section of Ann Arbor in the early twentieth century. Now, many of the factories are either gone or have been converted into hi-tech industry or biomedical research companies. The site where this new office building will be constructed is where a coal and stone storage facility used to be. They decided to save the elevated track section and integrate it into the project.

I suprised when I saw the renderings because the renderings make the site appear it is big and open, which definitely is not. This building will be wedged between two existing buildings, and the depth of the site is very shallow because of an existing Amtrak rail that is in full operation.

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If i remember the area correctly, it would appear that they are implimenting the old segment of elevated rail spur into the design (which is cool in this guys opinion). As a train enthusiest, I think this would be a pretty solid office...

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