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Homicide Epidemic continues in Greensboro


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What would seem to matter most is Are these aquaintence murders? or are they directed toward innocent bystanders. That's why I'm reluctant to rely on statistics alone to know if a city is safe or not for those who mind their business and stay out of trouble... That and if the crime is concentrated in a few obscure areas and thus easy to aviod.

E.G. New York is safe if you go to Manhatten, where you'll find everything you need, there are bad areas but one wouldn't need to be there anyway.

D.C. is "dangerous", yet if you stay west of 16 street, most of it's safe and very clean and not much reason to go to the bad area.

Other metros it seems you have to go through the bad area to get to the good area. Where would Greensboro and other NC metros fit?

It just seems the crime rate is going up in a lot of places though nationwide.

*Oh and here's a "consolation?" University of Virginia did a study on relative danger and found that even in some cities w high murder rates one is more likely to be killed in an auto accident in the suburbs.


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Similar to the UVa report, the Winston-Salem Journal (I think) reported that although there is a perception that the most dangerous part of Winston-Salem was the downtown, but in reality, I think they found that the zip code that contains downtown was the safest. There is the perception issue of urban areas being the most crime-ridden which although it is usually false (witness most urban areas of NW Washington, DC (west of 14th St) and Manhattan) it is a pervasive notion among most suburbanites.

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