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International City

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Here's a great development that's like a world's fair kind of deal.

The International City encompasses businesses, residences and tourist attractions and is made up of six key areas, including The Central Districts, Dubai Gates, The Dragon Mart, The Residential District, Lake District and the Forbidden City.

The Residential District features 21,000 expertly planned yet affordable 44.5 square metre studio and 66.5 square metre one bedroom apartments featuring the unique architectural styles of Italy, Spain, Morocco, Persia, Greece, China, Indonesia, England, Russia, Thailand and France. Divided into Large and Medium sized neighbourhoods, it will be home to more than 60,000 people. Developers have the flexibility to convert the apartments into 2-bedroom flats. The residences based around the Lake District will feature two and three bedroom duplex apartments with enchanting views of the lake

In addition to the residential districts, there will be The Central District, Dragon Mart, Dubai Gate and the Forbidden City. Years of feasibility studies resulted in the conceptual formulation of International City, which will play host to more than 60,000 residents. This community will blend in with an equally critical aspect of International City's conception - tourism. Incredible replicas of iconic structures like the Forbidden City are recreated in intricate detail. With Dubai playing host to five million visitors annually, a figure that is expected to double by 2007, International City promises to be an incredible melting-pot of world culture, commerce and lifestyle.

The Central District will be home to retailers, wholesalers and corporate offices, and will act as the nerve centre of the development. Two quality hotels will be located alongside state-of-the-art exhibition arena in Dubai Gate to accommodate exhibitors and visitors. The Dragon Mart is a large trade mall designed in the form of a dragon and will serve as a commercial centre for more than 3,000 Chinese companies.

The Tourist Attractions - The Forbidden City & The Lake This magnificent recreation of a monolith that was once off-limits to most of the world is destined to become a must-see tourist attraction. Spread over 240,000 square metres with parking facilities for 2,000 cars, this replica of the biggest and best-preserved cluster of ancient buildings in China will accommodate authentic residential and retail outlets set amidst awe-inspiring gardens, museums and performance courts. An impressive Central Court comes with a Pagoda that houses an authentic Chinese restaurant. The Rock Court, Jade Court, Water Court and Culture Court envelope two majestic open-air Performance Courts for theatre performances that, along with the Museum of Performing Arts, will capture the elements of a fascinating time. Beautifully landscaped Chinese gardens and other elements that make up the legend of the Forbidden City enhance the whole development. Six different gateways provide access to this magnificent recreation that will transport the magic of Chinese culture to the desert.

International City is located on Emirates Road, near the Dubai International Airport and planned amusement park Dubailand. It is 20 minutes away from Dubai International Financial Center and 15 minutes to Dubai Festival City. Dubai International City is also close to Dubai City Centre and the Dubai Sports City.

Here's some great pics:




Here's a link as well that has much better photos:

International City

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Interesting idea, along with everything else they have going on just in that general area.

There's actually another one of these ideas being made out there as well. In Dubailand, they are doing it as well, except it will be like the International Pavillions in Walt Disney World Epcot, and it will be about 5 times larger with about 45 countries.

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