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International Chess City


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Dubai will become the center for the game of Chess worldwide.

The project will include 32 buildings, with the two King towers standing at an altitude of 64 floors, in the design of the traditional black and white chess board. The new development will have three to seven star hotels and hotel apartments where the King and Minister towers will be categorized as seven-star. The whole facility will cover an estimated 64,000 sq meters.

Dubai will play host to over 60 million amateur and professional chess followers from around the globe annually. This will provide a permanent venue where chess lovers can congregate and play 24 hour championships throughout the year, while some other 500 million lovers of the game will have the chance to follow the excitement via interactive electronic screens. Chess lovers from around the world will also have the chance to take part in the first Dubai World Chess Cup.

All the buildings that will make up the International Chess City, will be shaped like chess pieces and have the traditional black and white colors of the game. The King buildings will be the highest.Work is now underway to collect all building plans, as well as deciding the location of the project.

HE President Ilumjinov also revealed intentions to reallocate the headquarters of the International Chess Association from Lausanne in Switzerland to the new International Chess City in Dubai.

This is the only pic I have:


The picture in the background is suppose to be of some of the chess pieces.

Just imagine 32 Buildings with the King being the tallest at 64 Floors all positioned in a Chess Board!!!!

AMAZING!!!!! PURELY AMAZING!!!!!! :shok:

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