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Atlanta Pics II

Go Gators

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This one was from the Reniassance downtown, before we switched hotels. Lost a good view, but stayed in Buckhead again.


From the top of Stone Mountain. We climbed the S.O.B. Great views from up there.


From Peachtree St. looking at Midtown


Downtown and Midtown from Piedmont Park


BOA Plaza through the trees at Piedmont Park.


Midtown, with the Symphony Tower (I believe)


The finest facility in all of the Big Leagues!!

Thats all I have time for right now, will get some more up later!

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Thats what I said Lady Celeste, theyre all midtown! lol :thumbsup: j.k.

I actually didnt know that. I figured, not being fron ATL, that the 3 distinct clusters of buildings were down, mid and uptown respectively. Thanks for the info! You learn something new everyday!

It's perfectly okay Gator. When you become a resident here you will get all the jargon down. ;)

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