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Jacksonville, FL - To Hell & Back

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The pedestrian oriented years - pre 1950's


downtown density in the 1930's


aerial in the mid 1940's (riverfront docks remind me of San Fran's)


Union Terminal (center) in the mid 1940's


riverfront in 1953

Urban Renewal Begins-Jax sells its soul to the devil


CSX Building underconstruction in 1959


downtown Sears in 1962


riverfront in 1981 (notice the surface parking)

Riverfront Today - learning its lesson



It looks like we're finally on the right track

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Awesome pics... It is certainly amazing when we see the damage done, but it is even more amazing to see how one city can go back to the right direction. I agree with you, thelakelander, JAX is certainly on the right track, and the skyline looks wonderful.

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I want to know where that Sears used to be. I tried to study the picture, but I couldn't figure out where it was located. I wonder what they built on that lot. Yes, 1980's Jacksonville was one awful place. The Modis (Independent Life) Building looked so lonely. What improvement today! :lol:

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The Sears store was located on the block where the Wachovia Tower and Omni Hotel sit today. That area was pretty dense before most of it was torn down in suburban developments like that Sears store and JCPenney(site of the new highrise Federal Courthouse). Luckily these god awful places have been replaced with urban projects the courthouse and Omni Hotel. One of the things that impresses me the most about Jax is the fact that most of the new & proposed developments are infill (ex. San Marco Place, Westin Hotel) or being built on previous under utilized land (ex. Shipyards, County Courthouse, Arena), creating a downtown with diverse architectural styles and a balanced mix of old & new construction.

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