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Why are Galveston's beaches so dirty?


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I know butting up against Galveston bay doesn't help matters....but pieces of glass, cig butts, plastic cups, etc aren't a byproduct of the refineries up the ship channel.

Is it a lack of civic pride? Does Galveston attract a "special" kind of visitor? This beach has the potential to be great. Why isn't it being realized?

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It really depends on which beach you're at. East Beach used to be the only beach on the island that allowed alcohol, but they may have changed that.

No beach allows glass, but the enforcement can't everywhere all the time.

I'd suggest that it's just general inconsideration. Galveston isn't that nice in the first place because of the Ship Channel and the brown sand.

I've always found Crystal Beach (across the channel on the Bolivar Peninsula) to be about the worst for this though. They allow drinking, driving on the beach, camping, etc, and the beach has suffered as a result.

The absolute worst though is North Padre Island. But it's not litter, it's actually debris from the Gulf. I read an article that said that beach is sort of the end of a funnel for it, and all the crap gets dumped on it as a result.

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I'm not much of a fan of it myself, but after living in Orlando for 5years and having Cocoa Beach as the closest "popular" beach, I think Galveston wins hands down, as it has more things to do.... Cocoa Beach has way too many tourists so its always crowded, the sand is equally as poor, as well as the water.....

But yes, I definately do think the city of Galveston needs to have some kind of support for their beaches.... I definatley agree it could be MUCH MUCH nicer if the city cared to make it that way.

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I surf in galveston every now and then. the water doesnt have too much trash in and the color seems to come from the loose sand kicked up by the waves. I think this because 1) the water is the same color as the sand, and 2) the deeper the water, the greener it is. on clear days the water goes from brownish along the shore to bright green and blue away from shore.



these are from www.surfrider.org


from the Katrina swells



it surf isnt always this good but keep in mind, it is the gulf. the water isnt really that bad, as someone who goes at least every other week during the summer, the water varies depending on the day.

im way homesick now....

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