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Group Studies Ways To Restore Old Greensboro


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Future of War Memorial


After a tough fight voters said yes to a new baseball stadium for downtown Greensboro last November. Now a task force needs to figure out what to do with War Memorial Stadium. Monday night the task force met for its first of four meetings to hear ideas from the public. Residents representing local neighborhood groups, the American Legion and just everyday citizens suggested ideas. Everything from creating a museum to a restaurant. Others suggest allowing college baseball teams like A&T and the American Legion Baseball League use the field for games. A study is currently underway to find out the current condition of the stadium and what renovations need to be made. Those findings along with the task force ideas are expected to be finished by March or April. The next meeting is Wednesday at 6:00 in the city council chambers. The third meeting is on Monday, January 26th at 6:00 at the Parks and Recreation Office, on Fourth Street. The final meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 11th at 4:00, in the city council chambers.


Group Studies Ways To Restore Old Greensboro Stadium

Task Force To Meet Jan. 26

Greensboro may be building a new downtown ballpark, but fans said the game is not over for War Memorial Stadium.

The American Legion and neighborhood groups near the old stadium attended a task force meeting Monday. It is one of many the Parks and Recreation Commission will hold to invite public opinions on how to best restore and use the stadium.

"There's been the idea of concerts and other usage, but you've got to make sure if you're going to use it as amature and especially for collegiate sports that you've got a safe playing ground," said Carl Brower with the Parks and Recreation Commission.

The War Memorial Stadium Task Force's next meeting is scheduled Jan. 26 at 6 p.m. at the parks and recreation building.

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