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Is bush a liar


Is G. W. Bush a Liar?  

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  1. 1. Is G. W. Bush a Liar?

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hes a liar. during his 2000 campaign he said he was against nation building and spreading troops thin around the world. As soon as he gets into office he puts a plan together that outlines nation building for Iraq and then he spreads our troops thin around the world.

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Guest donaltopablo

The simple answer is yes. He's a politican, all politican's are liars and 99% of them are two faced as well. I believe this is so common that unforunately, it's accepted.

I do, however, think that most of what Bush does is either shooting from the hip or misguided. I'll even been the minority (if not the only one on here) who believes he went into the war in Iraq with good intentions, not some plan for oil, right his fathers wrong or whatever (although I will admit, all of those factors likely play a role, I don't think they are the primary reason). Bush and his staff saw, misunderstood, read into whatever you want to call it information about Iraq and saw them as a threat, which most other politicans, including Clinton, believed he was. He felt he should act. Did it turn out that prehaps the intel wasn't as good? Absolutely. Do I think Bush acted in Iraq because it was better than addressing unpopular domestic agendas? I think it played a considerable role. I think a lot of Presidents are either very involved in Foreign Affairs, while others are concerned or good at domestic fronts. I don't consider Bush to be a good Domestic president (he's actually, kind of a weak foreign president, but that's beside the point). He focused on Iraq because it was an area (foreign affairs) he felt more comfortable confronting, than Domestic issues.

I am also very leary of people who are coming out now talking about how Bush had this plan or that plan. I've yet to see any one of them with nothing to gain put out this kind of information, only people who were political adverisarys, got fired, were promoting a book, or their own campaign.

I still staunchly support the war, even if I disagree in the manner we went about getting into it. I don't think it jeapordized our security very much, and even though we have a lot of our troops commited to the region, we didn't exactly have a major deployment calling for those troops anywhere else in the world. Even in Afganistan, we have a relatively small deployment of troops. I hate the loss of American life that continues, as well as the civilian loss of life with any war. But I do believe, without any doubts that Saddam did need to be removed from power and it was only a matter of time regardless before he was.

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Guest donaltopablo

Yep, Clinton lied about Sex, Bush Sr lied about taxes, Regean I'm sure lied about plenty... I'm sure the list goes on. They are politicans, and all lie (or at least get caught) to varying degrees.

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Lying about getting a blow job is one thing. I don't think Clinton should have ever been put into a position to answer a question like that in the first place. But he was pretty stupid for doing it.

On the other hand, lying to start a war that has resulted in the death of over 500 soldiers is quite another. This is the biggest reason I will not be voting for Bush again. Where is the impeachment party this time?

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