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Google Transit

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I hope Google takes this thing national. A lot of transit agencies have their own trip planners (here in the NC triangle we have, but it's only internal to the region.

I've seen this sort of trip planner in Japan, but they don't include city bus routes or generate maps, unfortunately. They are accessible from a cell phone, and calculate routes, fares, time all your transfers, and search from a database of nearly every ferry, airline, intercity bus, intercity train, and urban heavy/light rail system in the country.

I guess for a national transit navigator to be successful, there would have to be a standard format and a national database of transit routes (presumably maintained by the FTA or some government agency) updated every time a flight, bus route, or train schedule changes. Fare calculation would also be difficult, based on the unpredictable nature of airline fares. Not likely to happen in my lifetime!

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