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King, NC


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Interesting article in todays paper. I was wondering if there were any opinions on King. Ive only been there about 5 times while living in W-S so i really cant comment on it. With the future, I-74 cutting through this town, it sounds like its in a position to become another Kernersville or Clemmons.


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Yep, go to King all the time, live about 10 minutes from there.And I can't believe the amount of growth that this town is going through. It is definitley well on its way to become the next Kernersville or Clemmons. If you take a drive through King you will notice many new housing developments going up, not that it's a good thing, just more sprawl. Although, King is actually a very nice town. I know several people from there and they always have great things to say about it. The new shopping center is supposed to be surrounded by townhomes and businesses, I drove by it the other day, and it actually looks alright, the backdrop is very nice. The bad part is that this new shopping center is eventually going to lead to some major sprawl. The article today said King is expected to grow 50% in the next 3-4 years. That estimate doesn't really suprise me with all the new developments. I think King attracts many people for the fact that its seen as rural but yet is only a 10 minute drive from all the new things springing up on the north side of Winston.

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Then theres the town of Tobbaccoville nearby which has a very cool name (King & Tobbacoville NEXT EXIT :thumbsup: ). That part of the state seems to have cool town names such as Mt Airy, Pilot Mtn, Germanton, Rural Hall and Pinnacle. Then theres a few odd names like Pffaftown and Siloam. Is Siloam pronounced like it is up in central jersey "PSY LOHM"?

The sprawl tells part of the story, the traffic on US 52 is pretty thick up towards the Germanton Road exit! Very very busy interchange and does not provide any turning lanes from G-ton Road last time I drove through the area.

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