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This is a graphical view showing the relative importance of the 500 busiest (of close to 8000 tracked) locations for visitors to UrbanPlanet. Charlotte is represented by the big circle on the bottom that completely covers NC. As you can see there is a lot of interest in our city. We are running about 75,000 page views/day and a lot of that is being driven by the topics you see here. Thanks everyone!

Oh this is from about Nov 15 until today.


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One reason is no doubt the excitement around the momentum that has built up in uptown Charlotte.

Another facter as far as UrbanPlanet is concerned, it can't hurt that most of the founders are from the Charlotte area. There have been more people interested in Charlotte viewing this board for longer, so it's been growing for longer, and it therefore makes sense that there would be more people visiting the site.

Some other forums have more Atlanta posts, for example, and some other cities have their own popular, dedicated message boards.

Not to take anything away from Charlotte, of course, because there's some pretty amazing stuff going on there right now. But there's a lot of factors involved.

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In the past few months the GR section has become the 2nd or 3rd most busy section on the forum. Several local development organizations there depend upon UP to pass on information. It's amazing as Michigan's "other" city is often over looked. One of the advantages of UP over other sites, especially those devoted to a single city, is that you can go tour other cities to compare them to ours. I invite everyone here to go check out GR and anywhere else of interest.

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